Villa le Torri


the amazement of the sun that dives into the sea

Explore places and flavors that inattentive tourists often miss. Become travellers of the places you have visited. Unforgettable places, memories of a trip to the south that you will never forget.

What to see in Trapani

Erice - Borgo Medievale - vista su torretta Pepoli

You cannot miss a trip to Erice, a charming medieval town. Take the cable car, if you can. You will reach the top, after enjoying a breathtaking view of Trapani, the salt pans and the Egadi islands in the distance.

Segesta con il suo teatro e il tempio

Art and history close to you. Segesta with its theater and the temple.

Castellammare, cittadina di porto, giovane e dinamica.

Castellammare, a young and dynamic port town and Scopello, a small fishing village on the sea, famous for the beautiful beach of Guidaloca and the enchanting sea stacks , raising from the sea just opposite an old tuna-fishing plant, that can be visited by paying a 3 euro ticket.

La spiaggia di San Vito Lo Capo

The beach of San Vito Lo Capo and the Zingaro reserve, transparent waters surrounded by a rich flora.

Borgo Mangiapane

Borgo Mangiapane, a picturesque village that extends inside a cave, today a museum of crafts, which hosts, during the Christmas period, a suggestive living nativity scene appreciated by tourists.

Le isole Egadi, scorcio di Favignana

The Egadi islands, the enchanting Levanzo, a fishing village; the well-known torist Favignana, with the possibility of camping and important summer events; Marettimo, more distant and lonely, but delicious.

Le saline e il museo del Sale

The salt pans and the Salt Museum, a tour of Mothia, an ancient Phoenician town located on the island of San Pantaleo, in the Stagnone of Marsala, between the Isola Grande and the mainland.

Cantine Marsala

Marsala, an interesting town, famous for its various winehouses that offer tastings and tours, every season of the year.

What to do in Trapani

The rich territory of Trapani offers possibilities for all types of travellers.

Se amate nuotare tra le nostre acque cristalline la Riserva dello Zingaro รจ il vostro paradiso

If you love swimming or snorkelling, the Zingaro Reserve is your paradise. A protected area extending for 7 km. Seabeds rich in fish and coral specimens. Daily excursions are organized from San Vito lo Capo, offering several opportunities to visit the Reserve by boat.

Escursioni in barca e mini crociere anche per le Isole Egadi

Boat excursions and mini cruises are also available to visit the Egadi Islands, with lunch on board and stops in the most suggestive small bays.

organizzazioni che offrono percorsi a trekking Trapani

Several organizations offer fascinating trekking routes. In addition to the most popular routes for fans, you can enjoy walks among the most authentic villages in the area, such as Balata di Baida and Cofano.

orestiadi di Gibellina, patria della land art

During the summer, different art and cultural events. Literary festivals and cinema and theatre reviews such as the Gibellina Orestiadi, home of land art.

What to taste in Trapani

We advise you to:
Eat a pizza at Calvino pizzeria or, if you are numerous and have children, at La Quercia.
Eat fish at Taverna Paradiso.
If you want to eat simple, rustic food, go to Bettolaccia.

Il panino con le panelle (farina di ceci fritta)

Try the roll with panelle (a street food made of fried chickpea flour) at za Paolina, in XXX January street. Ask to season it with salt, pepper and lemon. You will remember the taste. It can be a great morning or afternoon break, for those who love savory food. A sandwich with panelle is good at all times of the day.

Assaggiare i cannoli Trapanesi

Taste the cannoli in Dattilo, a small town just outside Trapani. Slowly! A cannolo can be easily divided into two halves because of its abundant size. Take a ride towards Ummari, afterwards. The Sicilian countryside to which one can lose oneself! Nothing majestic, but simply poetic and suggestive.

The villa - Villa le Torri

The Villa

Ancient and noble, surrounded by greenery, a villa where you can feel at home.